neoatlex's mugen works

well, what did you expect?


welcome to my mugen site.
I may not be that good, but I try, so don't crit.
use the links to the different pages.


9 september 07
laser, linerider and falcon are back up, and a video for spiro, pikachu and the death egg stage has been added.
4 august 07
ssbm pikachu is out, unfinished
30 july 07
laser, linerider and falcon are down because my sendspace account was deleated for unknown reasons and the files are not on my new, working, pc, but *CURRENTLY DOWN FOR RE-LOCATION* sounds cooler.
spiro is finished, the MB part was tough, i finally had the sprites made then i remembered demitri turns opponants into HUMAN girls, but i got it finished and will post a vidio on my youtube once i get the death egg finished.

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