neoatlex's mugen works

well, what did you expect?

Characters, click the picture to download


  • jumps:2 kfm power
  • medium speed
  • 6 button
  • has a fast jab that can be combo'd

  • slow
  • limited animations
  • 2 button
  • kills in one hit (cheap)
Captain falcon/blue falcon

  • fast
  • 2 jumps: low power
  • 3 button
  • all animations
Spiro (sprites edited from tails)

  • 3 button
  • fast movement
  • slow, powerful attacks
  • midnight bliss compatable
  • 1.5 scale factor
ssbm pikachu (sprites by semijuggalo)

  • fast
  • attacks from super smash bros. melee
  • midnight bliss compatable
  • powerful attacks but not cheap
  • works well with mugen ai
  • 90%complete, however i will not be working on it until i learn how to code better, if you are any good at coding and would like to take on this character, please email me


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